SplitCam Co. (Shareware)

SplitCam is a webcam program developed by SplitCam Company. The program offers added features for making video calls. Instead of the typical video call, using SplitCam provides users with various webcam effects. Aside from this, the program also allows users to split the webcam video stream. The application is also considered as a live video streaming application. This allows users to stream webcam video to any supported instant message software simultaneously.

SplitCam offers the following features:
• 3D Masks Effect – Aside from typical effects, the program also offers 3D masks, which can be used at any area of the webcam. Users can also apply movie 3D objects.
• Software Support – SplitCam supports a variety of programs including Yahoo! Messenger, Skype, Windows Live Messenger, YouTUbe, UStream, and more. Users may even broadcast a live video webcam stream to different software at the same time. Supported live video streaming services include, Livestream, TinyChat, and others. Streaming function also allows users to utilize SplitCam features while broadcasting.
• Video Stream Sources – Using the program, users have the ability to broadcast different types of sources including slideshows, video files, webcam, and even the desktop. When streaming the desktop, users have the option to broadcast either the entire screen or only a section of it.
• Video Recording – SplitCam can also be used for recording videos. Videos recorded using SplitCam can be uploaded to YouTube directly from the program’s interface.