Split Second

Disney Interactive Studios (Proprietary)

Split Second is a video game published by Disney Interactive Studios in 2010. The video game features an arcade racing game play where players would get to control various customizable vehicles and focus on driving skills in order to win races. The game allows the player to perform various stunts and advanced vehicle maneuvers such as ramp jumping, drafting and drifting. Split Second has a single player mode, an 8-player online multiplayer mode, and a split screen 2 player multiplayer modes.

In Split Second, players get to participate in a fictional reality television program where players would race for money and glory. The game feature a game play element called “Powerplay” which is triggers various events that create obstacles for competitors, alter the race course, or provide shortcuts for the player. These events include airplane crashes, explosions, and building collapses. Players can trigger Powerplay events once the Powerplay charge bar becomes full. It can be recharged by performing various stunts during the race.

Split Second’s single player mode is divided into 72 events in 12 episodes. The single player game features several game modes where players encounter different challenges and obstacles. First is the “Survival” mode where players must finish the race within a time limit while dodging trucks that drop barrels to stop the player from reaching the goal. Another mode called “Air Attack” makes the player race while dodging missile fire coming from a helicopter while a similar mode called “Air Revenge” allows the player to steer missiles back to the helicopter using the Powerplay bar.