Splendid Video Enhancement Technology 1.02.0028

ATK (Freeware)

Splendid Video Enhancement Technology improves the display of videos on computer screens. Since most computers do not come with image-processing units that are present in electronic displays, playing video files on computers can affect the color quality. The Splendid Video Enhancement Technology fine-tunes the display on the computer to meet the standards of HDTV. The program supports ASUS graphic cards.

The program makes use of sophisticated Area Pixel Processing Algorithms to make changes to each pixel without affecting the entire image. The colors are optimized to make them more appealing to the viewer. This tool is especially helpful for enhancing the colors of the skin, skies, oceans, and greenery. The Splendid Video Enhancement Technology program is also able to process dark scenes by adjusting the brightness level of dark areas on the video to bring out details in a dark or rainy environment. The program comes with preset profiles suitable for various viewing environments. These are:

• Enriched – This viewing mode uses standard settings that are ideal for home entertainment systems.
• Vivid Color – In this viewing mode, the colors on the image are optimized to come up with more saturated colors.
• Theater – This creates cinematic effects with a soft contrast, which is ideal for theaters.
• Crystal Clear – This viewing mode enhances the contrast to enhance the details in dark areas of the video.