Splashtop® Streamer

Splashtop Inc. (Freeware)

Splashtop® Streamer is a video and audio streaming server that enables a user to control and have access to a computer from a mobile device or another computer.  One is able to have access to content and run applications from the main computer. Such devices may be an IPAD, IPOD, tablet, mobile phone, webOS and Android device to name a few.   The software’s remote control and streaming solution allow for numerous activities normally available through one’s PC, to also be done through various convenient sources.  One can have control of and access to files stored in the PC such as playing music from iTunes, playing graphics-intensive games, or watching movies from the Windows Media Player.  Any type of PC file and document can also be opened and edited, such as those stored in Excel, Word and PowerPoint.

In order to use the application one can connect through an Internet connection, a Local Area Network or cross network. Splashtop® Streamer is a high-performing software that delivers very low latency rates, and high video frame rates. This application has two connection modes. The “smooth mode” allows for better latency and frame rate.  The Sharp mode is used for better resolution.  The application also allows for configuration from users such as remote transcoding of audio and video formats.