sPlan 7.0

ABACOM (Shareware)

sPlan is an educational software developed by ABACOM. It is specifically designed for creating schematic circuit diagrams. It works by simply dragging the circuit’s components onto the circuit diagram. The program features a definable grid-capture, which allows users to place the circuit’s components. Components can also be moved, rotated, sheared, or scaled on the diagram. Grouping the components is possible as well. Typical clipboard functions are offered also including cut, copy, and paste.

Aside from these basic features, sPlan offers the following:

• Component Library – sPlan includes an organized component library that consists of components needed to create a circuit diagram including resistors, diodes, transistors, switches and more. All the components in this library can be placed in the circuit diagram via drag-and-drop function. Creating new components and adding it to the library is possible as well.
• Status Bar – Settings in the program can be managed and adjusted using the status bar. This enables users to easily configure sPlan without having to search for a particular settings in the menu.
• Form Sheet – This feature is used for loading editable forms to the document’s background. Editing of documents is separate from the diagram giving users the ability to both the diagram and the documents without disturbance.
• Automatic Renumbering – This feature allows all the components in the diagram to be indexed automatically. With this feature, users can fill gaps.
• Parent-Child Relations – The diagram’s components can have a parent-child relationship. When there is a parent-child relationship between components, everything that the parent knows is also known to the child and vice versa.