SPK Explorer

Cycrow (Freeware)

The SPK Explorer is an application developed by Cycrow that allows viewing contents from SPK files attributed to the X-Universe games published by Egosoft. It adds and removes SPK packages’ files. It can also be used to extract files from SPK packages as well as splitting a Multi-SPK Package archive.

The SPK Explorer permits the extraction of SPK files from multiple SPK Packages and allows the removal of files from SPK Packages or Multi-SPK Packages. It also enables the extraction of all or selected files which come from an SPK Package, as well as permits the extraction SPK Package contained files found within the Multi-SPK Package. The SPK Explorer lets the addition of SPK files onto existing Multi-SPK Packages and it allows file viewing in files from SPK Packages that are located in the Multi-SPK Package. It also permits the addition of plugin files into existing SPK packages. Aside from allowing distinct file types to be displayed by making a double click on the file found in a list, the files can be viewed quickly in both SPK and Multi-SPK Packages. It also enables SPK files to be split in Multi-SPK Packages.

The use of this program is mainly for game developers who want to make modifications to the X-Universe game series.