Spirit of Wandering: The Legend

Artogon Studio (Shareware)

Spirit of Wandering: The Legend is a hidden object and puzzle game developed by Artogon Studio. It was first released on January 2008 under GameHouse publication. This PC game tells the quest of an alluring lady pirate captain for her lost love. Her ship was attacked by the ghost ship Flying Dutchman. She knew that her crew and her beloved are still alive. She believed that they are all cursed to remain in the world of the dead. For that reason, she went on this journey to rescue them and bring them back to the world of the living. It is up to the player of this game to help the beautiful pirate accomplish her goal.

All throughout the game, the she-pirate and the player will travel to the ends of the world in search for various hidden objects possessed by each crew member.  Finding these things is the only way to help them break the spell cast upon them. This will also help her to pinpoint the exact location of her dearly beloved. Her ultimate goal is to find him and to be reunited with him. There are certain magical tools that can be used to complete the mission. Aside from that, the game also features riddles that the player has to answer.