Spiffy 0.6.0

Spiffy (Freeware)

Spiffy is a utility used for notifying the user of new emails. When the application is installed, it alerts the user whenever a new message is received on his email account. This way, the user will be informed of unread email even when the web-based account is not open on the Internet browser. The program is capable of supporting five Gmail email accounts.

This utility can check all of the five accounts at once and see the new messages in each inbox and user-customized label. Labels are tags used in Gmail to categorize the emails on the user's inbox. This functionality helps the user in organizing his emails and in sorting out which ones should be prioritized to be read. The application will inform the user not only of the newly-received mail but also where the email is categorized.
Spiffy has a customizable interface. The text font, the icon, and the general color template can be configured according to user preferences. The program can be saved on a portable device, like a USB or an external hard drive. The user can simply connect the USB to the computer to run the program immediately. The program can also remind the user of missed alerts with its ”Tell Me Again” feature.