Spider Wizard 1

Goodsol Development Inc. (Shareware)

Spider Wizard is a suite of solitaire card games. It contains Spider, a solitaire game using two decks, as well as fifteen other games, including Simple Simon, Brown Recluse, Grounds for Divorce, and Spider Two Suits. Most of these additional games are variants of the Spider game itself, such as Spiderette, Miss Milligan, and Scorpion. Each game has over two billion starting positions, ensuring that players will have a different game every time. Users can also create their own Spider-based game using the built-in game maker. This application comes with pre-set rules (the most commonly used in solitaire and its many variations), and players can simply select the rules they want for their custom game and start playing immediately.

In Spider Wizard, players can undo their moves or restart the game. Players can also edit their preferences and set their mouse to enable shortcuts, such as single-click moves. Another customizable feature is the game’s background; users can change the colors and add their own background image. Users can also select the design at the back of the cards, or download new ones. In addition, the application can also be set to save games in progress automatically, and also upon exiting the application. This program is able to keep the history (detailed statistics) of all the games the user has played. It can also keep statistics for multiple players.