Spider-Man™ Shattered Dimensions

Beenox (Proprietary)

Spider-Man™ SD stands for Spider-Man™ Shattered Dimensions. It is an action-adventure stealth game released on September 2010. This game features the superhero Spider-Man by Marvel Comics. In this game, the Tablet of Order and Chaos is shattered into pieces during one of Spider-Man and Mysterio’s skirmishes. This resulted in the crash of the Marvel Multiverse and the clashing between the four simultaneous Marvel Universe realities. Madame Web enlisted the help of the four Spider-man versions—Amazing Spider-Man, Spider-Man 2099, Spider-Man Noir, and Ultimate Spider-Man. Spider-Man Noir is the version from the 1930s, while 2099 is from the far future. The Ultimate Spider-Man is from an alternate present day with a symbiote bonded to him.

Spider-Man™ SD enables the player to control each Spider-Man version. During combat, the player shifts into a first person perspective. Each Spider-Man version specializes on a different fighting technique. It is up to the player to choose which Spider-Man version is best for a given situation or mission. Amazing Spider-Man specializes on web-attacks and melee combat. Spider-Man Noir specializes on timing and stealth attacks. To signify concealment, the gaming environment turns black and white. Colored environment means the player is visible. Spider-Man 2099 offers technologically-advanced suit features and acrobatic techniques. He also has talons and accelerated vision. The Ultimate Spider-Man utilizes the symbiote bonded to him by creating symbiotic tendrils and spikes, and using such to attack enemies.