Spider-Man 3

Beenox (Shareware)

Spider-Man 3 – The Game is an action video game developed by Beenox for PC platforms and distributed by ActivisionThe plot of the game extends the plot of the film by adding more elements and characters based from the Marvel Universe and Spider-Man comics.

In the game, the player takes on the role of Spider Man where he battles against several enemies (both as Peter Parker and as Spider Man). The plot begins by introducing a new rival of Peter Parker in the Daily Bugle (Eddie Brock) and a gang of bombers. As the story unfolds, the game introduces new enemies like Flint Marko as the Sandman, Dr. Conners, Harry as the new Green Goblin, H-Bomber gang, and Eddie Brock who turned into Venom. This game also shows how a symbiote from a meteor crash turned Spider Man into the Black Spider Man.

The gameplay includes most of the game elements from the former Spider Man game. The city map of Manhattan is larger than the previous game and is freely explorable. The game’s combo system allows the player to take advantage of Spider Man’s strength, web abilities, and speed. The game also features Spider Reflexes that can slow down the surroundings. There is also the Super Moves that consist of different super attacks that are unlocked by the player. New combat maneuvers are also introduced as the game progresses.