Spider-Man 2 - The Game

Activision (Proprietary)

Spider-Man 2 - The Game is developed by Activision and released as a game adaptation to the movie of the same name. The game was released on June 2004, which coincided with the release of the movie. The story follows after the events of Spider-Man, the first movie. It does not exactly mimic the events in the movie. However, gameplay involves Spider-Man’s activities in New York. The game enables the player to roam freely in the game environment, traversing New York areas including Manhattan, Ellis Island, Roosevelt, and the Liberty Islands. The game features a new game mechanic—Spider-Man’s ability to swing from side to side, in three directions. The first game only allowed Spider-Man to jump or fly in one direction.

Spider-Man 2 - The Game came with different versions to suit the needs of the player. The versions complement different gaming consoles including GameCube, PlayStation 2, Xbox, PlayStation Portable, and computer. Some versions are not similar to the computer version. Particularly, the gameplay on PlayStation Portable mimics the moves of the first game. However, the characters and main villains are the same across all platforms. The main villain is Dr. Octopus. However, Spider-Man also encounters other villains here including Rhino and Mysterio. For the PC game, the plot of the game follows the movie plot up until the ending scenes.