Spelunky 1.1

Derek Yu (Freeware)

Spelunky is an adventure cave platformer developed by Derek Yu and published by Mossmouth. Inspired by the classic 1983 platofrmer, Spelunker, this game features an unnamed character called a spelunker whose goal is to explore subterranean mines, which contain lots of treasure as well as dangerous obstacles. The player can choose from among multiple avatars as well as the number of characters that will be rescued. As soon as the player enters the underground caves, randomly generated levels appear, containing enemies to ward off, traps to avoid, and treasure to pick up. Some of the weapons that the spelunker can use to fight enemies include bombs and booby traps. Enemies come in animal and supernatural forms such as snakes, bats, spiders, ghosts, abominable snowmen, and flesh-eating plants.

Apart from gold and gemstones, the player can also collect useful items like weapons, climbing tools, and artifacts hidden in the excavation. Spelunkers also have to rescue damsel in distress characters, who can be either male or female. The player can regain their health by taking the damsel from the caves in which they are imprisoned to the nearest exit. Dying is a result of exhausting all of the player’s hearts, in which case, they have to start from the very beginning.