SpellForce - Gold Edition

Phenomic Game Development (Proprietary)

SpellForce - Gold Edition is a video game bundle. The titles included in this package are the games The Breath of Winter and The Order of Dawn. It also features the Shadow of the Phoenix expansion pack. SpellForce is a role-playing game with elements of real-time strategy. The story begins with mysterious powers threatening the SpellForce world called Eo. A legendary hero comes to save Eo and joins forces with other heroes to combat the life-threatening doom.

This game features two campaign modes – a single player to enjoy distinctive combinations of RPG and RTS elements, and a multiplayer gaming mode that accommodates up to three players through local area networking. The game offers exciting challenges with countless sub quests and continuous gripping storylines. The game begins with the player controlling the heroes and maintaining an army in RTS fashion. Players can receive item upgrades that can improve their hero and army systems.

The SpellForce Gold Edition is a game world with vast challenges to explore. It provides areas for hidden treasures and essential resources. And as the game includes side quests, players experience more adventure with their troops.  The game’s visuals are presented in high quality. It has stunning graphics with an excellent, easy-to-navigate interface. As it is a real-time strategy game, it has a unique camera placement, making gameplay interesting.