Code Sector (Shareware)

SpeedView is an application that turns any mobile phone with GPS into a speedometer. The program makes use of the phone’s Global Positioning System to accurately show the user’s traveling direction, duration, and total distance, as well as the average, current, and maximum speed. Suitable applications for the program include biking, running, hiking, and driving.

The application features a linear compass that shows the current traveling direction. When used for driving, the speed limit can be set and the program can alert the user when the current speed is nearing the limit. The utility allows for three limits to be set, so the user can set the speed limits for highway, city, and residential roads. One of the key features of this utility is its head-up display mode, or HUD. In this mode, the application shows a mirror image of the display. When the phone is placed on the car’s dashboard, the “right” display will be reflected off the windshield glass. This is useful when traveling at night, so users can keep their eyes on the road.

The application displays the speed data in kilometers, miles, and nautical miles, according to user preference. A speed graph shows a chart that covers the last several minutes’ worth of travel. The application can run in the background, even while other mobile applications are in use.