SpeedTree Modeler

Interactive Data Visualization, Inc. (Proprietary)

The SpeedTree Modeler is modeling software that forms part of the vegetation and foliage modeling software suite SpeedTree, developed and released in August 2011 by Interactive Data Visualization. This software allows users to render virtual foliage and tree models for use in animations and game environment.

The SpeedTree Modeler allows users to create and edit foliage and tree models, controlling different variables, and specifications such as branch lengths and angles, bark texture, and even gravitational influence. After specifiying the variables, the SpeedTree Modeler then creates trees as per the specifications in a variety of real-time formats. These trees can be so detailed as to be capable of real time or pre-rendered display configurations.

The SpeedTree Modeler also allows users some creative freedom as to tree rendering. Users may draw braches using the mouse or a tablet, or twist and gnarl a branch using the forces tool.  It also features a node-editing approach when editing or creating branches, thus, individual tree parts may be changed or deleted without affecting the whole tree. Trees may even be made to grow around arbitrary meshes in the virtual environment. The SpeedTree Modeler also features real-time Physics interaction. Users may preview the tree model interaction with built-in physics forces like wind and LOD effects. The SpeedTree Modeler also features direct tree placement export for world building.