SpeedTree Compiler

Interactive Data Visualization, Inc. (Proprietary)

The SpeedTree Compiler is part of a vegetation programming and modeling software suite called SpeedTree. It was developed and released by Interactive Data Visualization in August 2011. SpeedTree Compiler allows users to generate and model virtual foliage for use in animations and game simulations. It specifically allows users to create texture atlases, and optimize tree and foliage models for real time rendering.

The SpeedTree Compiler features a Compiler Wizard mode, which allows users to compile trees with simpler options without getting into specifics. It also features binary file format, which allows users to compute and render texture maps, billboards, and efficient binary tree renderings. SpeedTree Compiler also makes it possible to make perfect 3D billboards, which allow users to create distant trees into billboards. These billboards are 360-degree, thus viewable from any direction. Also, these billboards match their 3D counterparts even when dynamic lighting is applied. SpeedTree Compiler makes this possible by outputting several texture layers that correspond to different lighting conditions. This is called normal-mapping. SpeedTree Compiler also features horizontal billboards, which support bird’s eye view configurations.

SpeedTree Compiler also allows users to combine texture atlases from different trees. This reduces the texture lookup time and modeling duration. This program also allows users some customization options as to texture application. SpeedTree Compiler users can rotate, resize, and rescale textures to ensure a better fit to the tree models.