IncaGold (Proprietary)

SpeedThief is a 3D adventure game where players must deliver items to the harbor at night. In order to do so, players must steal from citizens in the game. The game’s ultimate goal is to gain a lot of money by selling the vehicles that were stolen. Players must be careful, as the cops are monitoring their movements. They must learn to navigate the streets without being caught. Another obstacle is the traffic that players must avoid to prevent being caught by the authorities. The game operates with realistic physics, so the behaviors of vehicles are as true to life as possible. Other features of the game are listed below:

• The game comes with 10 different road tracks that can reach up to 18 kilometers longs
• Users have a first person and third person point of view when playing
• Game switches to 12 different camera angles for increased gameplay experience
• Has high-quality lighting effects for a better environment
• Users can play the game using 7 different vehicles that can reach a speed of 300 kph

The game interface is simple. The player’s driving speed is located at the lower right part of the main window with the score, money, day, and present activity located at the upper part of the main window.