SpeedswitchXP 1.52

Christian Diefer (Freeware)

SpeedswitchXP is an applet that facilitates dynamic switching of frequencies of mobile AMD CPUs and mobile Intel under Windows XP. This lightweight utility sits in the system tray and allows for fast and efficient change in frequency.

SpeedswitchXP can scale the frequency of AMD microprocessors on Windows XP as well as notebook Intel. Scaling the frequency helps decrease the amount of heat energy that is generated by the chip. Put simply, this is a tool that can be used for quick adjustment of power management plans and CPU settings.

Upon installation of SpeedswitchXP the app can be left sitting in the system tray. With SpeedswitchXP, the user can specify the setting and choose from battery optimized, dynamic switching, maximum performance, or maximum battery. SpeedswitchXP users are also allowed to specify standby, hibernation,and disk timeout. This program can also be called upon to present a history diagram of the CPU load and speed, determine maximum CPU speed.

SpeedswitchXP is a program developed by Christian Diefer. This is a reliable utility that provides relevant information on power capabilities and CPU data. This app can be set up such that it automatically runs at startup. Tray colors may also be customized. This utility has good reaction speed, works seamlessly, and does not use high RAM or CPU space. It is also a handy tool that does not cause computer crashes.