P2PHood LLC. (Freeware)

SpeedLord is an application used for optimizing download speeds for different file sharing programs, such as Bittorrent, uTorrent, Shareaza, eMule, and many others. The program is capable of boosting the download speed up to 200%. The application is easy to use as there are no configurations that need to be set in order to use it. Once installed in the computer, the software runs automatically in the background.

SpeedLord’s main interface is divided into three sections – Run P2P, Statistics, and Settings. The Statistics box shows a graph of the download progress in a line chart, both with and without the accelerator. The Settings box allows the user to stop acceleration and quit the program. There is also a drop down menu where users can choose the network adapter. Since the program is compatible with several P2P clients, users can switch to a different application without having to worry about its compatibility with the SpeedLord software. When the main window is not maximized, the program can be accessed from its icon on the system tray.

Other features of the SpeedLord application are the following:
• Automatically checks the bandwidth available for the computer’s connection
• Auto-resume for interrupted downloads
• Performs checksum automatically to avoid invalid downloads