SpeedFan 4.52

Almico Software ( (Freeware)

SpeedFan is a hardware-monitoring application originally created by Alfredo Comparetti and is being released by Almico Software. This application reads and monitors voltages, temperatures, and fan speeds of computer parts. The program can be configured allowing users to adjust fan speeds according to system temperatures. Users can also choose the parameters for the maximum and minimum fan speed. The application can also show system variables in the system tray in two ways – as an indicator and as a chart. User events can also be configured to launch particular actions according to system status. It can also display CPU usage and adjust clock values on different CPU usage situations.

SpeedFan can handle almost any numbers of PWMs, South Bridges, Hard Disks, Voltage Readings, Hardware Monitor chips, and Fan Speed Readings. The program also checks S.M.A.R.T. readings for SCSI, EIDE and SATA hard disks. It offers support for Areca RAID controllers as well as RAID and 3ware/AMCC SATA controllers. Comparing S.M.A.R.T. with a complete database using the program’s “in-depth online analysis” is also possible with SpeedFan. The database has statistical models of all the known hard disk. This allows users to detect possible degraded hard disks early. Users will be notified with full text messages regarding particular issues and situations.