SpeederXP 2.32

vrBrothers Software (Shareware)

Speeder XP is a system utility used for adjusting the speed of the Windows operating system. It is considered as a speed hacking tool but it is not an overclocking utility. The program is mainly used for speeding up games. However, it can also speed up the computer, other software, and Internet access. Users can adjust the speed of a specific program, either higher or slower than the normal speed.

The program’s interface is clear-cut. It is a small dialog box where all the necessary buttons needed to speed the software up or down is available. To use the program, it only requires the user to set the target software. User may set this to change the speed for the entire Windows OS or a specific target only. Then, users need to adjust the speed by dragging the control bar or pressing a hot key.

Speeder XP also features configuration options to change certain aspects of the program. There is an option for changing the maximum multiple. Users may also change two speeds automatically via the Frequency conversion option. The Settings tab is where users can upgrade new versions of the Speeder XP. There are 10 hotkeys enabled and four hotkeys available by default. The program also offers keyboard shortcuts for speeding the selected target up and down.