NewTek (Proprietary)

SpeedEdit is a video production application that is designed to edit nonlinear videos in the shortest possible time. This program supports popular file formats so users can do edits on the video clips directly; there is no need to convert and transcode videos into other formats. Videos with multiple formats and resolutions can all be used and edited in one timeline only. The supported file types include MPEG-2, AVI, and Quicktime. The application can handle various video editing tasks, from low-resolution Web videos to High-Definition presentations and screen projections.

The program interface is basic and easy to use and has standard editing tools for automatically correcting white balance, as well as incorporating effects, animated titles, and motion graphics into videos. Users can customize the workspace panels by adjusting the sizes and contents. There are five main tabs users can choose from: Control Tree, Timeline, Filebin, Spreadsheet, and Storyboard.

This application features dynamic linking, in which everything in the Storyboard immediately reflects in the Timeline in real time. The Storyboard is where users can add and arrange clips for import to the timeline, and in SpeedEdit, any change done to a clip is automatically updated in the Timeline so there is no need to save and refresh a project when the user wants to see the tentative output. The output video can be previewed on another monitor or display device using a FireWire.