SpeedConnect Internet Accelerator 8.0

CBS Software (Shareware)

SpeedConnect Internet Accelerator is an application that optimizes the system’s settings in order to speed up the Internet connection. It supports dial-up modems, DSL, wireless, LAN, cable, and high-speed Internet connections. Windows network settings are not optimized for the Internet connection by default. The application is capable of calculating the settings needed in order to avoid fragmentation of data packets. This will also improve the connection speed.

The program has a user-friendly interface that allows even beginners to make the necessary changes on system settings. SpeedConnect Internet Accelerator’s main window is divided into four tabs – Quick Optimizer, Network Settings, Extra Settings, and Tools & Wizards. The Quick Optimizer window shows three windows for optimizing the connection. First, users must choose the Internet connection type. Next, choose the optimization mode. There are five optimization modes, and one automatic mode. Lastly, users must choose the network adapter to optimize. The main window also shows the optimization level of the Internet connection.

Here are the features of the SpeedConnect Internet Accelerator application:
• Support for all types of Internet connection
• Comes with a wizard that can be used by beginners
• Connection analyzer
• Provides users with an optimization report
• Settings for advanced computer users