SpeedCommander 15.00.7340

SWE Sven Ritter (Shareware)

The SpeedCommander software is an OFM (Orthodox File Manager) for Windows systems. The program uses a Two-Window Technology, wherein files and folders are displayed in two panes. This makes source and target operations visible to the user. Users can sort music, photos, videos, documents, and other types of files. The program also features FileSync, for synchronizing data on different mediums. SpeedCommander also supports archived folders. Archived folders are treated like regular folders, too. It is capable of compressing and decompressing even without the presence of an archiving program.

The program uses its own applications for editing (SpeedEdit), viewing (SpeedView), and searching (File Search). These programs are customized for the SpeedCommander application. Other features of the program are:

Enhanced FTP functions (FTP via SSH, SSL encrypted FTP, and more)
Has own internal console
Support for common OFM (Orthodox File Manager) features
Support for web browsers (ActiveX or ActiveX-Control)
Multi-language capability

Users can customize keyboard shortcuts according to their preferences. It also has a duplicity key mechanism that detects if there are two or more shortcuts assigned to one key. The SpeedCommander application supports add-ons. Additional plug-ins can be installed in the program to add functionality to the menu and the toolbars.