Speed MP3 Download

Speed MP3 Download (Shareware)

Speed MP3 Downloader is an MP3 download manager program. It offers music downloading services to users. The program can be used for indexing and downloading music. Its interface is clear-cut with all its features available straight from the main interface. No advanced configurations are needed to use this program.

Speed MP3 Downloaded provides an MP3 search tool. There are two ways to search for music. The first one is through a basic search and the second one is through an advanced search. In the basic search function, the user only has to input the desired music file. Users may choose to enter the artist, title, or album. After hitting the search button, the program automatically displays the searched item. In the advanced search method, users can specify the file to be searched. Available options include Artist, Title, Album, and Edition.

The program also offers a category of Hot Songs. This category displays all the current hot music in the industry. Users may also choose to search a file according to music genre. There is a section called Categories in the interface specifically designed for this kind of search. Available genres include Pop, R&B and Soul, Rap & Hip Hop, Blues, Religious, Jazz, Electronic, and others. After choosing a specific category, the program lists down all the latest music hits for that certain genre.