Speed Meter Pro

Cisco (Shareware)

Speed Meter Pro is a system utility that enables users to test and measure the Internet connection speed of their system. It is developed by Cisco and released on February 2009. The program quantifies the speed of network connections. It allows users to view all connected devices to the network. It also offers the ability to track the connection performance of particular websites.

Speed Meter Pro allows users to manage their network configuration by program data and network source traffic flow information. It automatically notifies the user in case of connection slowdowns and network issues. The program enables users to view the specific programs and devices used in the network. Speed Meter Pro offers home network management functions. The program lets users perform wireless network connection analyses to achieve maximum connection speed and throughput. This program stores a 30-day wireless network speed history for both uploads and downloads. The utility makes it possible for users to track connection performance trends, as well as causes.

Speed Meter Pro also tracks and stores network status information. The program sends notifications during connection slowdowns, interruptions, or downtimes. It not only tracks traffic volume, but also traffic speed and flow. The program does this for all devices and computers connected to the network. The user interface features a device dashboard to provide easy access to the program functions.