Speed Gear

vrBrothers Software (Shareware)

Speed Gear is a gaming tool developed by vrBrothers Software for speeding up almost all games available. It is basically a hacking tool for changing the speed of a game. This software can hack the speed of several games using simple hotkeys.

Speed Gear has a user-friendly interface that provides easy-to-use functions. It allows the players to speed up a game, slow it down, or simply adjust the speed of a game using the provided and accessible hotkeys. Players can set the speed of the game into the speed they are comfortable to play in. Having the ability to adjust the speed of the game, players can have a new experience while playing the game/s of their choice. Some adjustment that the players can do using this software includes slowing down action games, which allows the players to see the flight line of the bullets to avoid these and beat the opponents easily.

Other features of Speed Gear include the following:

• It adjusts the operation speed of the computer’s system.
• It supports any software and changes the speed accordingly by adjusting the speed rating.
• It includes special features such as a duo-speeder engine, time redemption, and linear-acceleration technology.