Speed Dial Utility 1.1.0

CANON INC. (Freeware)

Speed Dial Utility is speed-dialing software specially developed by Canon and bundled with its All-in-one printers and fax machines. This utility was released in October 2011. Speed Dial Utility allows users to forward telephone and fax numbers that are saved on the machine to a local file in the computer. Through the Speed Dial Utility, users may customize the contact information attached to these telephone/fax numbers. Users may add contact name and other phone numbers for a given contact name. Rejected numbers from the machine may also be saved and registered on Speed Dial Utility. These saved data may also be backed up on the computer.  

The Speed Dial Utility Dialog box features a dual window display. On top, the interface shows the Printer Name as a drop down list. There is also a Display Printer Settings button to preview settings. The left window shows the Setting Item List that shows the registered information for editing in a tree-like view. Under the machine name is shown FAX settings followed by TEL Number Registration, User Information Setting, and Rejected Number Setting under it. The right window shows the information relevant to the specific setting that is highlighted and the Registered Information List. Below the Registered Info list are editing options like Edit, Select All, and Delete. At the bottom of the Dialog box are the buttons for Load from PC, Register to Printer, and Save to PC.