Ocean Optics (Proprietary)

SpectraSuite is a Java-based, cross-platform modular application that is used to control any USB spectrometer developed by Ocean Optics. It enables users to easily manage USB spectrometers and can work with multiple devices using multiple windows. It provides users with graphical and numeric representations of data from each spectrometer. With this application, users will be able combine data from multiple devices for programs that include dual-beam referencing, process monitoring, and upwelling or downwelling measurements.

This program gives users access to advanced controls for data capture. The captured data is stored into the system memory quickly, and analyzed through a similar program called RSpec. Users connect the spectrometer to their computer before launching SpectraSuite. As the program loads, a spectrum is displayed, and it will change in real time.

Users can change the settings and options to modify how spectral data is collected and displayed on the screen. The three fields namely Boxcar Width, Integration Time, and Scans to Average are located at the top left corner of the main window.

• Integration Time – determines the period of time over which the light detected by the spectrometer’s CCD is summed, and works like a camera’s shutter speed.
• Scans to Average – refers to the number of acquisitions the spectrometer driver will get before the results are averaged and sent to the program.
• Boxcar Width – determines the average of the results from multiple sources or points