Spectaculator ZX Spectrum Emulator 8.0 (Shareware)

Spectaculator is an emulator that can run ZX Spectrum games on the computer. ZX Spectrum is a video game console developed by Sinclair in the 1980s. It can emulate various versions of the ZX Spectrum console released in the market. It can even run the Russian Pentagon 128 and other ZX Spectrum clones. Additionally, even though it has a similar user interface with other console emulators, it also mimics the ZX Spectrum interface.

Spectaculator can be played in in full screen to take advantage of the computer monitor. Additionally, it can also play games in window mode or in TV-style mode. The sound of the ZX spectrum is also recreated by the program. The console’s Microdrive can also be recreated. To play games, the application can allow the use of the keyboard as the gamepad and joystick. Since it can support multiple Spectrum consoles, it can also emulate their separate joysticks as well. Moreover, action replays can be recorded. The program has reduced loading time compared to the original console. It can reset and start loading automatically.

Other features of the emulator are the following:

• Can act as a drum machine – through the Cheetah SpecDrum hardware
• Can act as speech synthesizer as well
• Can load programs from external audio sources such as a cassette