Specnaz: Project Wolf

BYTE Software Ltd. (Proprietary)

Specnaz: Project Wolf is a first-person tactical shooter game, in which players assume the role of a soldier of the elite Russian Special Forces. Players are assigned to secret missions in different places around the world: Yemen, Myanmar, Iran, Uzbekistan, and Afghanistan. Each place equates to one campaign, each campaign has different missions, and each mission has a number of objectives that must be met. There are 31 missions in total that cover the five campaigns. The missions focus on extracting Soviet nuclear weapons from the facilities located in these countries; the varied terrain and environments pose different challenges for players.

Accompanying the player through the missions is a military-trained wolf with different skills that can help the player and aid in combat situations for the most part. As the player progresses through Specnaz: Project Wolf, he or she is given tactical tips on how to carry out the mission. Players can choose to follow or not; the minimum requirement is for players is to simply meet the parameters of the mission. Therefore, it is wholly up to the player to follow the tips or make his or her own plans in order to meet the objectives and complete a mission.

Players can choose to play in Geroy or Tactical game mode. Users can also choose to play with multiple players. The multiplayer modes include Capture the Nuke, Atomic Countdown, Deathmatch, Reconnaisance, Squadmatch, and Specnaz vs. Delta.