Special Forces

Sleepless Knights (Proprietary)

Special Forces is a tactical shooter video game developed by the company Sleepless Knights and published by MicroProse. The goal of this game is for a team of agents to gain access to the enemy’s headquarters and fulfill a list of objectives. The player’s first task is to select four team members from an eight-man squad. There are four regions in which a mission is carried out – players can choose among Arctic, Desert, Jungle, and Temperate Zone. Apart from the region, the player also needs to select between daytime and nighttime modes. There are several missions to complete including reconnaissance, hostage rescues, and eliminating specific items.

Careful planning is required in order to successfully accomplish the missions as the player does not have direct control over the operatives. The game provides text briefings, which can guide the player in determining the best strategies and weapons for a mission. Players can refer to a comprehensive map that features an overview of each region, including locations of the adversaries. Some victories come with promotions and medals, especially in missions with higher difficulty levels. The game’s interface features topdown perspectives of various mission areas, which are shown in different configurations. Players can mobilize individually or with squad members in carrying out missions.