Speaker Workshop 1.77

Audua, Incorporated (Freeware)

Speaker Workshop is a program designed for testing sound produced by Windows-powered devices. It utilizes a Windows sound card and is only compatible with operating systems such as Windows 95, 98, Me, XP, and 2000. The application is capable of designing and simulating the output of loudspeakers and similar peripherals. Speaker Workshop can be used in creating and optimizing crossovers as well. It can test and measure several speaker sound parameters including driver impedance, passive components, transfer function, driver acoustic response, and harmonic distortion.

Speaker Workshop comes with its own Signal Generator, which can play up to 10 different types of signals such as sine, square, sweep, pulse, and warble. The said feature also supports WAV file and can record two input channels simultaneously. As a speaker drive tester, the application can design, build, and test three main types of speaker builds: Enclosures, Stock Crossovers, and Custom Crossovers. Enclosures are primarily used in designing woofers and mid-range speakers and producing a wide range of tuning values. Stock Crossovers generate standard impedance with resonant peak or inductive rise, while Custom Crossovers are for complex crossovers with calculated impedance and acoustics. The application comes with a set of analytical tools like Scaling, Splicing, Filtering, Charting, and Crossover Optimization utilities.