Spb Wallet

Spb Software (Shareware)

SPB Wallet is a protection and management storage program developed by Spb Software. It is used to manage and protect sensitive information like account numbers, PIN codes, passport details, login by hiding it in a secure location. The stored data can be accessed from your Windows pc or be synchronized with any supported mobile devices. The program uses 256-bit algorithm for encrypting stored data. This means that users have to input the correct password in order to access information. SPB Wallet also features Real Card Data Representation. This means that the SPB Wallet cards are designed to look exactly as the physical card.

SPB Wallet offers customizable cards and templates as well. Users can customize the fields, the graphic view and types of the card template. Predefined icons, templates and graphics are also available providing users with a wide variety of choices when creating their own cards. There is also an online templates gallery where more than 25,000 card templates can be downloaded. SPB Wallet also offers Smart Card Fields and Password Generator. The Password Generator makes random, highly secured passwords that cannot be easily cracked. This is because of the optional combination of upper and lower case numbers, letters and punctuations used by the application. The program also offers the ability to search information according to card name, fields or notes.