New River Kinematics (Shareware)

SpatialAnalyzer is a 3D graphical application used for accurate and precise measurement in large-scale manufacturing tasks. With this application, users can inspect parts, make reports, and analyze data pertinent to the building of industrial equipment in different fields, including shipbuilding, satellite manufacturing, automotive design, and aerospace machinery. Among this program’s key features are the following:

• Full support for metrology equipment – this application supports more than 120 measuring instruments, including laser radars, projectors, laser trackers, theodolites, photogrammetric devices, and total stations. This utility makes use of a common interface for each, making it easy to use.
• Virtual assembly – users can see how components will fit in the final assembly, showing object relationships and constraints. Users can also make use of the provided tools for real-time building.
• Reporting tools – the program comes with a set of reporting tools that enable the user to easily make custom reports that can be saved in different formats.
• Traceability – users have access to the history of all data collected from the beginning (measurement) up to the end of a project (reporting).
• Model-based definition – the application provides CAD models of projects to show the changes done over time; users can also watch the deviations in real-time.

SpatialAnalyzer has the ability to integrate data collected from multiple instruments to aid users in optimization and improve instrument accuracy.