Sparkle FlashKeeper 3.0

Sparkle Media Systems (Shareware)

Sparkle Flash Keeper is a file management tool developed by Sparkle Media Systems. The program enables users to handle Flash files. The program comes with a windows explorer interface that allows users to manage, browse, and preview Flash files. It supports drag and drop capability, as well as Cut, Copy, Paste, and Delete commands. Users may also be able to check the Flash attributes including frame per second, number of frames, height, width, and date of creation.

Sparkle Flash Keeper also comes with other features like screensaver creation. It enables users to create a screensaver with custom background sound and color. It also features the capability to have an unlock or lock code, as well as set a wake up mode. Sparkle Flash Keeper also offers conversion functions for SWF files into EXE, and vice versa. The program features Flash Capture function. It adds a Sparkle Flash Keeper icon on the Internet browser toolbar that enables users to capture any Flash files that may be found in any webpage. These Flash files will then be downloaded into the system.

The program also allows users to publish Flash animations into the more viewable HTML file format. Users may customize the HTML format as to background color, scale, alignment, and other output properties. The program likewise comes with the Sparkle Flash Keeper Player. It can be customized with built-in skins or themes. Playback functions that are supported includes Step Forward, Step Backward, Rewind, Start, and Stop.