Spamihilator 1.5

Michel Krämer (Bundled)

Spamihilator is a spam-filtering email utility developed by Michel Krämer. It is used for filtering  incoming emails and removing spam or junk mails. The program works between the Internet and the user’s email client. It then analyzes all the incoming emails then filters out all the spam mails. The program’s process runs silently in the background.

Spamihilator uses different types of filters for analyzing all possible spam emails received by the user. One of the filters implemented by the program is the Learning Filter, a.k.a. Bayesian Filter. This filter measures the probability of spam emails allowing the program to identify about 98% of junk mails. It also utilizes the Spam Word Filter, which is capable of searching the messaging for certain keywords that are usually included in junk files. Users may also add user-defined keywords for identifying spam. Other filters used by the program include the Rule Filter, Link Filter, and DCC Filter. All of the available filters are configurable.

The program also includes a Training Area, which could be used to train the program for spam recognition. It also supports plug-ins for extending the program’s capabilities. This spam-filtering program can work on common email clients including Mozilla Thunderbird, Microsoft Outlook, IncrediMail, Pegasus Mail, and others.

Other features available in Spamhilator include:

• List of Senders
• Spam and Non-Spam Sorting
• POP3 and IMAP support