Spa Mania

Big Fish Games (Shareware)

Spa Mania is a time management game that allows players to manage spas around the world. Players progress through levels to reach the next destination. Some of the places featured in the game include Switzerland, Australia, Mexico, and Africa.

Players assume the role of Jade, a manager of an eco-friendly spa. Customers enter the spa and the player must lead them to the different stations in the spa. They have floating hearts beneath them that signify their patience. The player must complete all the services that the customers want to avail before their hearts diminish. Money acquired for the day can be used to upgrade the different stations in the spa. These upgrades can make the stations faster. Upgrades can also be in the form of assistants who can help Jade cater to customers in different stations. There are also mini-games in some of the stations.

Other features of the Spa Mania game are the following:

• The spas have a theme based on its location
• Players can customize Jade’s appearance by changing her shirt, jeans, and shoes
• Features different characters to serve
• Features a total of 50 levels of gameplay
• Storyline told using a comic-style