SourceGear Vault Windows Client 7.0

SourceGear LLC (Shareware)

SourceGear Vault Windows Client is designed for controlling program revisions and tracking bugs in applications. It is developed as a programming solution for software development teams, and functions as a replacement for the Visual SourceSafe application developed by Microsoft, which has been discontinued after the introduction of the Visual Studio 2010. This application contains all of the features of Visual SourceSafe, making it familiar and easy for SourceSafe users to navigate.

Team members may not be running on the same operating system; for this reason, the SourceGear Vault Windows Client version of the application needs to be installed for those who have that OS installed in their computers. This allows users on different operating systems to synchronize their data with other team members, as well as simultaneously work on several program versions.

This revision control system makes use of the Microsoft SQL server as its back end database as well as the IIS Web Services, providing users with security, enhanced performance, and scalability they need for development tasks. In addition to these, the application has the following notable features:

• Remote access – the application makes use of HTTP for client-server communication. It also makes use of binary deltas and data compression to provide users with fast access.
• Event notifications – users will be able to see updates and line histories. Changes to the source code can also be displayed.
• Toolset integration – this utility allows users to integrate IDEs such as Eclipse and Visual Studio, and it also support integration with third-party applications including SQL Source Control.