SourceGear Vault Export Import Tool

SourceGear LLC (Bundled)

The SourceGear Vault Export Import Tool works in conjunction with the SourceGear Vault. This utility enables users to copy the Vault folder’s contents to a different location on the same server or to a separate server altogether. As an export tool, it will send the contents and history of a particular Vault folder to a specified file on the system. The local file will function to import the contents of the selected folder to another server or repository.

This utility is available bundled with the Vault Server or Admin Tool or as a component of the Vault GUI Client. When installed with the server, it can be seen as a shortcut under the SourceGear Vault program at the Start Menu. If the user installed it through the client, it can be found in the program’s installation folder as an executable file. Importing and exporting data is done from one simple interface.

When importing data through the SourceGear Vault Export Import Tool, users will be able to see several fields in the import dialog. These fields are File Name, Staging Folder, Import to Subfolder, Exported Folder, Import to Folder, Exported, and Comment. Users can select the file to be imported and the location in which it will be placed, then click the “Begin Import” button to start the import process. Whenever a user runs an import or export task, a log file is created to provide additional documentation and security in the event of process failure.