SoundSaver 1.0.0

BIAS Inc. (Shareware)

SoundSaver is a program that is used for improving the sound quality of audio files that have been digitized from cassette tapes and vinyl records. Users can also connect and external device to the computer to import the files to the program. The application can remove clicks, crackles, hums, and other noises from the recording. The program has a wizard-style interface, which makes it ideal to use for both novice and advanced computer users. The main window displays the entire process of using the application. The steps are located at the upper portion of the window. Once an external source is connected, there are four steps for cleaning the track:

• Record – On the recording window, users can change the number of minutes for recording and the input level. There is also a speed correction menu.
• Clean – This section is where users can clean the audio tracks to get rid of unwanted noises. There are controls for removing clicks and crackles, reducing noise, enhancing the sound, and adding filters.
• Define Tracks – This section is where users can clip audio tracks by defining the start and end time.
• Export – After cleaning audio tracks, users can export them as WAV or MP3, or to their iTunes library.