SoundPackager 1.31

Stardock Corporation (Shareware)

SoundPackager is an application used for customizing the sounds on the desktop. The program comes with sound packages that include sounds for the system startup and shutdown, system errors, minimize, maximize, close, and over 20 other computer events. Professionals created the sound packages that are built-in to the application. Users can gain access and download more sound packages from Wincustomize, too. Sounds available for free download come from other users of the software.

Users can access the different sound packages on the application’s main window under ‘Packages’. Some of the packages included are Aquarium, Travel, Windows Retro, Football, and Basketball. To use a package, select the name from the list and click the ‘Apply Package’ button at the top part of the window. SoundPackager also comes with a Package Editor that is used for creating customized packages to use for the computer. Users can also share packages to other users by uploading them on Wincustomize.

Here are the other features of the SoundPackager application:
• Changeable sound assignments in built-in sound packages
• Intuitive configuration dialog
• Customize computer sounds in just one location
• Switch between sound packages in just one click
• Customize more than 30 sound events