SD Software (Shareware)

SoundOFF is a useful program for music enthusiasts who are meticulous about the sound quality when they are listening to their favorite tracks or watching shows on the computer. This is a utility that removes all the clicks that usually accompany Windows action commands. While watching movies or videos on the computer, built-in sound alerts can be irritating. These alerts can be turned off easily with this program. SoundOFF gets rid of the annoying sound alerts so that users can watch programs or listen to music files on their computers without any disruptions in the form of alarms or alerts.

Aside from this main function, SoundOFF has additional useful features. SoundOFF also allows users to delete existing sound schemes or rename them if they want to. In addition, this application does not change sound schemes unbeknownst to the user. Some programs tend to work this way. Moreover, sound profiles can be saved and any presets can be activated quickly when the user wants to utilize a specific set of audio parameters.

SoundOFF is a small app that is easy to install. It can be accessed easily from the toolbar. When SoundOFF is in place, alerts need not be turned off individually via the control panel. With one click all the sound alerts are deactivated making SoundOFF a practical and handy tool to download.