Sound Rescue TerraTec Edition 2.1

Algorithmix GmbH (Proprietary)

Sound Rescue TerraTec Edition 2.1 is an application used to clean up audio recordings. With this tool, users can reduce or remove unwanted crackles from their recordings without affecting the audio quality. It can work with the user’s own audio recording and editing programs, especially those designed to transfer music from vinyl records and cassette tapes. This application can enhance the sound of recorded audio to maintain its original sound quality.

This application will automatically load audio files recorded in WAV format. Users can record their audio in 16-bit resolution and 44.1 kHz sampling rate to make sure the audio files are compatible with this application. This program comes with a built-in recorder called AlgoRec, which can be used to record audio. The output files using this program are automatically saved in the specified format compatible with the audio cleaning application. Furthermore, for every WAV file that is loaded in the application, an AWF file is also created automatically. This file contains the audio recording’s graphical waveform data, which helps in displaying the audio’s waveform display faster.

Users can specify the directory in which the cleaned files are saved. The output will be saved as WAV files; users can make use of a separate audio converter program if they prefer to convert the recordings to another format.