Sound Recorder and Editor 9.0 Build 129

PolderbitS Software (Shareware)

Sound Recorder and Editor is a tool used for digitizing audio from cassette tapes, videos, and vinyl records and burning them to an audio disc. The program is also used as a recorder and audio file converter.  When recording, different input devices can be used. Users can also select the sound quality of the recording, as well as the volume. There is an option to edit the audio file after recording. The program has a small user-interface for editing. Users can cut long audio files into shorter clips and clean tracks. Most audio files from cassettes and old records come with pops and hisses. A Sound Recorder and Editor are able to remove these noises to achieve a clean audio file.

Other features of the application include the following:

• Support for previewing edited tracks before burning to a disc
• Recordings can be saved in either WAV or MP3
• Comes with a speed correction tool for tweaking the speed of audio from old vinyl records
• Does not clog up system resources
• All the controls for the program are available on the main window

Tutorials and help topics in using the application are available on the application’s official website.