Sound Organizer

Sony Corporation (Freeware)

Sound Organizer is an audio application developed by Sony Corporation as companion software for its Sony IC Recorder line of devices. This program enables users to edit, import, and play files recorded using the Sony IC Recorder.

The Sound Organizer user interface features playback options at the top with the usual playback buttons—Play, Stop, Next, and Previous. Below the playback buttons is the playback slider that enables users to select the preferred playback start position. Users may also customize the playback speed by controlling the DPC Speed slider located at the upper left portion of the interface. The speed slider is set at x1.0 by default and may be reset to the same place by clicking the Reset button. The Sound Organizer My Library is located at the window below the playback options with three tabs located at the left panel corresponding to Recording Files, Music, and Podcast. The integrated library window shows the files currently loaded and imported to the program. Users may import new files by clicking on the Import link at the left panel and choosing the Import sources—IC recorder, DVD, or External drive.  Imported files are shown in Folder view with their corresponding file names, record folder, record time, transcription, and track mark, among several other options. The status bar at the bottom of the interface shows the number of recorded items selected and the corresponding file size.