Sound Forge Pro 10.0.506

Sony Creative Software Inc. (Shareware)

Sound Forge Pro or Sony Sound Forge is a digital audio editing application for professional sound editors. The program provides all the tools for audio editing and sound design to give editors full control of editing and mastering audio tracks. Sound Forge Pro allows users to fully customize the interface of the program to maximize productivity. Several layouts can be saved as profiles. It also provides enhancements, such as floating window docks.

Sound Forge Pro can be used to record multichannel audio. Audio streams can be set to a particular channel. This is useful for recording individual instruments, recording for surround sound discs, video game sound files, and many more.  Some of the tools included in the program are metadata windows, graphical fade curves, waveform volume and pan envelopes, and many more.

The program has audio restoration plug-ins, too. These tools allow users to fully restore audio tracks from vinyl records, cassette tapes, and old CDs. The restoration tools included in the application are noise reduction, crackle removal, and clipped peak restorations. These tools remove hisses, crackles, and pops that may be present due to damaged records and cassette tapes.

Other features of Sound Forge Pro are the following:
supports a wide variety of file formats
batch conversion function
spectrum analysis tools
high resolution audio support
video support for synchronization of audio and video