Sothink SWF Editor 1.3 Build 614

SourceTec Software Co., LTD (Shareware)

Sothink SWF Editor is used for editing SWF files. The SWF file format is used for text, videos, and vector graphics. The format is supported by the Adobe AIR and Adobe Flash Player. With the Sothink SWF Editor, SWF and GLS files can be opened and edited. Users can change the tag values, view the file header, and search the contents of the file by type of value. This application is useful for programmers and Flash designers. Sothink SWF Editor comes with a quick start guide where users can learn how to use the different features of the program. The quick start guide covers topics, such as opening and editing target files, changing tag values, and saving new files.

The application’s main window displays all the command buttons. Some of these are Open, Save, Sort, and Preview. There are also buttons for tools, such as Shape, Image, Text, Sound, Button, Sprite, Video, and Action. Users can search for valued by clicking on the magnifying glass. The program allows users to view several SWF files all in one window. Navigating through the different SWF files is made easier as the main window has a tabbed interface.

Other features of the Sothink SWF Editor are:
• Multi-language interface
• Provides a complete set of editing tools
• Sort tags by category
• Preview individual tag nodes
• Suitable for novice and advanced programmers and designers