Sothink Logo Maker 3.5 (Build 4299)

SourceTec (Shareware)

Sothink Logo Maker is a graphics program specifically designed to create logos. It can be used to create a business logo, company logo, buttons, web signatures, and more. The program includes an extensive list of preset colors, templates, and effect styles to allow users to generate a logo design quickly. It includes more than 290 logo templates categorized into six themes – Fashion, Business, Technology, Letter-Based, Badge, and Organization. It also features editing functionalities that provide an efficient logo design process.

Users can also customize the layout of the logo as well as the applied effects to the images and texts. Some of the available effects include shadow, glow, color, and bevel. Aside from the built-in logo images, the program also allows importing of SWF resources as well as external images to use in the logo. Created logo designs can be saved as png, jpg, or bmp.

Other features offered by Sothink Logo Maker include:

• User Interface – The program’s interface is designed to be intuitive. It features ribbon-style menus allowing users to easily access options, templates, and styles during the logo creation process.
• Effects and Styles – Sothink Logo Maker includes more than 680 color schemes, which is filtered based on a category or color. It also offers a Color Tool and Copy Effect for easy management of effects applied to the logo.
• Editing Features – Users can easily preview the applied effects and colors. It also features basic editing operations such as zooming, cropping, moving, rotating, and more.